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Advanced Google Search Tricks and Tips


By the time you read two or three words of this very sentence, Google would have processed more than 40,000 search queries.  That means, there are more than 3.5 billion Google searches happening every day.  People search literally everything on Google.  You see….everything! In this blog, let me help you in getting better at Google search. Use Boolean Operators Using...

5 Best Digital Marketing Courses For Beginners

Best Digital Marketing Courses for beginners 2020

Digital Marketing is booming. Why? Because the number of active internet users around the globe is hitting the sky. The number one rule of marketing is, “Be where your audience is”. As the digital medium is an inevitable part of people’s day-to-day life, digital marketing is becoming an unavoidable element in marketing strategies. Digital Marketing skill is critical not only for...

Importance Of 301 Redirect

What is 301 redirect

What is 301 Redirect? What is 301 Redirect? What will you do when you don’t like your domain name and decided to change it to a newer one? Yes, you can simply change the domain name and point the new name server to the hosting. But what about the traffic to your old domain? Will it transfer from old domain to the new domain automatically? No! It won’t! Unless you redirect your old...

How to use Trello as a Social Media Management Tool

Trello Social Media Board 2020

Consistency is the key to success in social media. You must manage and schedule your social media posts to be consistent. There are a lot of social media management tools out there. But most of them are paid. The free service they offer comes with limitations. Why can’t we use a free tool like Trello to manage your social media posts? What is Trello? Trello a project management tool. The basic...

Why you should Tag the location on your YouTube Videos?

Tag the location in your youtube videos

Most of the top brands in the world, realized the importance of localization. You would have noticed this. Quora is working on encouraging its writers to write in their mother tongue. You have this option to switch between languages.  Source: Quora All the other apps are eager to know your current location. In some apps if you didn’t give permission to access your location, they won’t even...

Sure Shot ways to land in your FIRST Digital Marketing Job

Land in your first digital Marketing job

Digital Marketing is booming. If you are interested in Business, Marketing and Technology, this is the right time to learn it and get your dream job. But getting a job in a reputed digital marketing agency or company is not that easy. Why? It’s because the top digital marketing agencies and companies are result oriented than process oriented. In this article, you will get to know how to land in...

One Simple way to get REAL Followers on Instagram for FREE

Easy way to get real followers on instagram for free

How many of you are spending lakhs on Instagram advertising? Instagram is not like it used to be. The algorithm is changed. Your post distribution is changed. Like facebook pages, it is difficult to get noticed on instagram. The only reason behind this is, instagram wants us to spend money to make them rich. They say that it is just for the wellness of the community. Do you really believe that...

Ultimate Google My Business Optimization Checklist

Google My Business Optimization Checklist

Google My Business is a modern telephone directory. Back in those days, when people want to know about a business, they just take their telephone directory, navigate the business category, browse through some businesses and choose one to call. On this internet driven world, everything is in our fingertips. We can just type the business category and google will list us all the related businesses...

How to Schedule Instagram Posts For FREE!!!

Schedule Instagram posts for free - sesi praveen

Ever been pondering over a lot of social media management tools to schedule your instagram posts? I can feel that pain. These third party applications come with their own value and pricing. Even if they offer a free plan, it has limitations. Like you can only post “n” number of posts and the limit would be increased when you upgrade the plan. What if I tell you, there is a free tool which lets...

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